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Hello Kitty love in Taiwan

My Hello Kitty nails would’ve been perfect for our layover in Taiwan en route to Los Angeles. Took these iPhone photos at the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport.

This life-size dollhouse is actually a nursery room for moms with babies and toddlers to stay while waiting for their flight.

What I wouldn’t give to have this as my bedroom!

Walking around the airport, I saw another section where everything was Hello Kitty, even the world clock and the pay phones.

“Last 5 minutes for shopping!” as travelers get near Gate C3 - Hello Kitty gate.

I literally stopped myself from coming in the Sanrio gift shop. I was afraid I’d blow my pocket money before I even get to the States!

Luggage that I want to put in my luggage

I’m seriously considering putting a Hello Kitty drop ceiling in my room now.

Beside the gift shop is the waiting area for adults and playground for children.

That’s what I call sitting pretty! Heh.

Our layover was eight hours long, but I barely felt the hours pass by. The Hello Kitty facilities were just one of the many things the airport had to offer, aside from yummy food, fast free WiFi in every corner, free massage seats, spacious gardens and quaint shoppes. But then, no other airport has a whole gate dedicated to my favorite character since ever! An awesome start to a month-long trip. Thanks, Taiwan!
Photos by either my mom or dad. Next: San Diego

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