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Funky Streaks


Chemistry floral harem playsuit, SM Accessories, Keds. Hype this on Lookbook here. There’s nothing comfier than sneakers when you have to manage a bazaar booth without any staff or helpers! At the same time, this cute Chemistry playsuit keeps the outfit from being too casual or boring—I love how the floral top is garterized to hug the upper torso, striking a balance with the comfy loose fit of the harem pants.


"Red passion" Manic Panic hair color from Funky Streaks. Like Seph, I’ve always wanted to try pink hair! Until now, bright red is the farthest I’ve gone with hair color. There were a couple of steps we had to take before we could achieve the exact shade we wanted, and even then, the hair color would change a bit after a few shampoos. But it’s worth it! Experimenting and getting different results is part of what makes DIY so fun.