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Red alert

This week’s cheap finds for both guys and girls come in bright, bright red. SM Accessories bag, Quirkypedia eyeglasses, The Belle Soeurs bangles. All you really need to accessorize any simple outfit—probably best to avoid same-color clothes and shoes though.
Taken with Instagram - @shailagarde

SM Accessories shades and bracelets, Quirkypedia eyeglasses. It’s rare for me to find men’s accessories in red that aren’t too rugged or too loud, so whenever I find something casual and sleek, I make sure to grab it. Best worn with just shirt and jeans for an easy vibe.
Taken with Instagram - @sephcham 

Think Pink

What we wore to today’s general convocation of Commerce students in UST, where we gave a talk on “Creativity in Business.”

On Seph: Cardigan with scarf, Topman. Pink shirt, Chemistry. Jeans, Bench. Pink socks, Dickies. Shoes, Adidas. Camera flashlight used as pendant, a gift from Crissey. Hype this on Lookbook.

On Shai: Pink dress with white hearts and floral jacket, Chemistry. Black tights, Topshop. Silver ring and bracelet, Me&U. Camera pendant and flower ring from Bangkok. Hype this on Lookbook.

This day was a blur—as gasgas as it is to say this, time really flies when you’re having fun and fun we definitely had. This is only our second time to give a talk, the first one being for the ACLE of UP Diliman’s Engineering students (yes, it’s the same dress design on Shai, only in blue). So to be welcomed so warmly by the Thomasians, to be eagerly asked so many questions and be told how much we inspire students, gives us some seriously fuzzy feelings. As promised, snapshots below.

View of the slideshow from the upper rows at the back. The talk was held at the UST Medicine Auditorium.

Impromptu “class picture” of students who didn’t leave right away, taken from the stage. Now we wish we could’ve posed with them instead. Heh.

Our little sister Janine Cham. She’s one of the organizers, as the Public Relations Officer of UST Pre-Com Society. We’re so proud!

With hosts Topi and Chloe and events planner/host/voice talent Guggles. It’s our first time to meet them but we instantly clicked.

We want to post more photos, but different cameras were used and these are the only ones from ours. Whomever we missed, shout-out to you guys!

Thank you to everyone for having us, especially to those who made it possible. We really enjoy doing these things, sharing our stories, being stand-up comedians and impromptu dancers. So if you’re in school and you’d like to have us for your edu-tainment, email us and we’d be glad to be there.

Jumpin’ Jill


I sometimes get asked how I conceptualize my shoots. Nothing cerebral with my process. I don’t. Mostly I just check my closet and see how I can make what’s in them work, then find a nice random spot (in this case, the rooftop parking of a mall) then click away. The story comes to mind just when I’m about to post. It’s a whole lot more fun that way.



Doggie-print hooded shirt, thrifted. Doc Martens-inspired boots, Asian Vogue.


So this is just us, but yeah, it doesn’t always have to look so put-together. Pretty doesn’t always look fun, but fun always looks pretty.