Love Chic

Striped and hyped

This is what happens when you try to shoot with a hyped-up pup. @CesarMillan won’t be proud. Half-dachshund half-shih tzu Phil (named after the Azkal) has the innate curiosity and indomitable energy of both breeds.

On Seph: Striped shirt, Chemistry. Cardigan with striped sleeve, Bench. Jeans, Mossimo. Boots, Call It Spring. Bag and aviator shades, SM Accessories.
On Shai: Striped top, thrifted. Striped mens cardigan used as scarf, Chemistry.
Skirt, Little Caviar (actually a dress Domz and Tricia made and lent me that I haven’t gotten to return). Boots, Call It Spring. Bracelets and eyeglasses, SM Accessories.
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